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Whether you are looking for quality entertainment with your friends, relatives or just to play by yourself? Jigsaw puzzle games are for you, play it online or upload your favorite image and create your own puzzle. With jigsaw puzzles online it’s easy to save the day, bust boredom and have fun. Check out each day and challenge yourself with daily jigsaw puzzles!

Daily jigsaw puzzles

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Most Popular Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles Online

There is something special about jigsaw puzzles that makes them addictive. It could be the sense of achievement you get when you finally put all the pieces together to reveal how the actual picture was supposed to be. Or you would wish to challenge yourself or your friends to see who solves a jigsaw puzzle faster. It is a game of strategy and takes time and effort, especially if it’s a large puzzle with a lot of pieces.

Create your own jigsaw puzzle online, whenever you want!

The internet has made anything possible! Designs available online are numerous, but you can create your own design in our website to turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. You will love how easy it is to create your own jigsaw puzzle online and solve it yourself or present it to a friend for a special occasion. The customized jigsaw pictures will be unique and challenging, and in case you are presenting them to someone, they will appreciate the idea behind the picture!

What does it take to create a jigsaw puzzle online?

A jigsaw puzzle is nothing more than an image broken into parts that needs to be arranged again to recreate the original image. It means that, in theory, any picture can be converted into a jigsaw puzzle. On our website you can upload your own favorite image or choose an image to convert it into a jigsaw. Although you will know how the image looks, you will love how exciting it can be to work on designs of your own choice. Making online jigsaws is a must-try for all those who love solving puzzles!

Stop wasting your time in laziness and try out something new. This new hobby can be really addictive due to its uniqueness.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are a great for cognitive development. There many gains in solving jigsaw puzzles, we have outlined the most important benefits below.

Memory - Even simple jigsaws can help enhance memory. When a piece doesn’t fit, it might not be needed right now, but you will keep it in mind for later. Jigsaw puzzles benefit the capacity to recall information and help to improve your memory functions overall.

Cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination - Psychologists have determined that when a person manipulates their surroundings, their brains are influenced at this point. Jigsaw puzzles provide the chance to stimulate brain activity: learn to interact and change the shape of the environment.

Social skills and persistence - When working together to complete a jigsaw puzzle, people will often discuss where each piece should be placed. By sharing, helping and organizing themselves, they learn important social values and start getting to know the advantages of teamwork. The frustration they feel when a piece doesn't fit, or when they can't find the right one, will also develop their persistence. It teaches that sometimes we don't succeed on our first try, so we have to keep trying to achieve our goals.

Language – If working in a group to solve a puzzle, people will have to communicate when asking for a certain piece. They will have to describe it as best as they can, so others can look for it. This will have a positive impact on language skills.

Self-correcting and problem-solving skills

Jigsaw puzzle is a great self-correcting learning tool. It will train auto-criticism, and it helps to learn from your own mistakes, without needing someone else to correct you. The resistance to change people often feel when being corrected by others will also be avoided. Your problem-solving skills will develop and increase your autonomy too.

A jigsaw puzzle can be made in different shape, size, and the best thing of all - you can choose the picture on your own. It could be a picture of you, your family, or any other image. It will bring the enjoyment of putting the jigsaw puzzle together and will make this a fun activity that can be enjoyed from time to time again.

History of Jigsaw Puzzles

The credit of inventing jigsaw puzzle lies in the hands of London cartographer and engraver, John Spilsbury in the latter half of the eighteenth century, 1767 to be exact.

Structure of Jigsaw Puzzle

Earlier, jigsaw puzzles were made from wood cut into small pieces by a tool called jigsaw. But in modern times, puzzles are made from cardboard or paperboard cut into smaller pieces. Pictures of nature, buildings, mountains, species and any other images can be made into a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces can be joined in such a way to represent the whole image. The pieces of the puzzle are brightly colored and signify an essential part of a certain entity, because if any of the pieces remains unplaced, it will deny the ambiance of the complete picture.

Uses of Jigsaw Puzzle

Alzheimer Society of Canada has declared that working on jigsaw puzzle can stimulate our mental processes and can act as an exercise for the brain. Since long, setting these puzzles has been a source of entertainment for youth and this is regarded as a sort of game to earn money. Historically, jigsaw puzzle has been kept by players for future amusement.

A jigsaw puzzle is a source of amusement for children as they learn things in an experimental form quicker than in theoretical form. Jigsaw puzzle, if solved successfully, reflect a very important aspect of our life - unity. It teaches us to keep every phase of our lives in a harmonized manner. Even our mind is puzzled with multiple thoughts, like which path to follow, which decision is correct at the moment in order that our lives keep on moving.